3L Career Services Newsletter: December 11, 2009

In this week’s issue:
• It’s time to apply for the state bar exams!!!!! Beware of upcoming deadlines!
• Law Student Writing Competition of the Court of Federal Claims Bar Association – Deadline December 31, 2009

  • Please remember to periodically check Symplicity for Job Postings!!
  • If you are feeling frustrated with your job search, please schedule an appointment with career services advisor!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.  Ready to Apply to the Bar Exam?!! Read Below!
Now is the time for you to become very familiar with your state bar’s website and your state bar’s board of examiners’ website.  For comprehensive information about the state bar admissions offices across the country or to compare various admissions policies between several states, please visit the National Conference of Bar Examiners website – www.ncbex.org.  For specific information regarding your state’s bar admission policies, always visit that state’s website.

Deadlines to apply to sit for the July 2010 bar exam vary across the country. Some deadlines are as early as January 19th (Maryland) and some are as late as June 4th (Georgia). Either way, please periodically check the individual state bar websites for the latest and most up-to-date information.

The following states have application deadlines in January and February in order to sit for the July 2010 bar exam: 

State (website) – Deadline  (*Note: Some allow for late applications with a late application fee.)
North Carolina - 1/5/ 2010
South Carolina - 1/10/2010
New Mexico – 1/11/2010
Maryland - 1/19/2010
Texas - 1/30/2010
Alabama - 2/1/2010
Illinois - 2/1/2010
Kentucky - 2/1/2010
Louisiana - 2/1/2010
Mississippi - 2/1/2010
Oklahoma - 2/1/2010

Please know that the application process is a long one. Do not wait till the last minute to apply for the bar in your state. Gathering pertinent information and recommendations can be very time consuming. You want to give careful attention to this process so you will not delay or inhibit your ability to sit for the bar in July. If you need your documents notarized, the following people in the law school can notarize your documents:
Mickie Burrows – 3rd Floor (Faculty Secretary)
Kathy Hines – 2nd Floor (Dean’s Office)
Kala Taylor – 2nd Floor (Office of Career Services)

2.  Court of Federal Claims Bar Association Law Student Writing Competition – Deadline December 31, 2009
The Court of Federal Claims Bar Association is pleased to announce the creation of its Law Student Writing Competition. The winning entries will receive cash prizes and an opportunity to be published via the Association’s website. Entries may address any topic that lies within the procedure, substance, or scope of the jurisdiction of the Unites States Court of Federal Claims.

The rules of the contest are posted on the Association’s website at www.cfcbar.org/index.php/news.  Entry deadline is December 31, 2009.