3L Career Services Newsletter: December 21, 2009

In this week’s issue:

  • Job Highlights:
    o 2010-2011 Capital Fellows, California Senate Fellows Program, Sacramento State Center for California Studies – Deadline is February 24th. See the Government Honors Handbook for more details.
    o US Department of Justice Tax Division is currently hiring civil trial attorneys and criminal prosecutors – Deadline for applying is January 11th.
  • Bar Info:
    o Please make sure you check your state’s bar admissions policies and review the application process over the break. This process is time-consuming and varied. Now is the time to focus on getting your bar applications in.
    o Having trouble deciding which state bar to take? Visit www.ncbex.org and find the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions Requirements. Find out which bars have reciprocity with other bars, waive-in requirements, and other helpful information that may assist you in deciding which state bar to take.
  • What should you being doing over winter break?

1.  US Department of Justice Tax Division – Deadline January 11, 2010
The Department of Justice Tax Division is currently hiring experienced civil trial attorneys and criminal prosecutors. The Tax Division is committed to ensuring equal opportunity, to increasing the diversity of our workforce, and to creating an inclusive environment where every employee can develop their professional potential to the fullest extent possible. We believe that diversity adds value to the Division by attracting the most talented litigators possible, by developing a workforce with a vast array of talents and views and experiences, and finally, by enhancing our ability to represent and serve our country. In this regard, we are increasing our efforts to recruit and retain a diverse team of lawyers and staff, and to advance their careers and fulfill their professional and leadership potentials.

The job announcements may be viewed at http://www.justice.gov/oarm/jobs/civiltaxattorneysvacan2.htm (civil) and http://www.justice.gov/oarm/jobs/criminaltaxattorneysvacan.htm (criminal). More information about the Tax Division is available at http://www.justice.gov/tax.

2.  What should you be doing over Winter Break?
The following tips are examples of what you can be doing to advance your job search over the break. The points come directly from the 3L Job Search Timeline listed in the Career Planning Guide on the Law School Intranet:

  • Expand employer outreach to include smaller firms and government agencies. Identify employers for targeted mailing based on geographic areas of interest.
  • Continue with follow-up strategy with employers (Note: The job is often found in the “follow-up”)
  • Search for public interest jobs using www.pslawnet org and other public interest resources on the OCS website
  • Check Symplicity for job listings and any employers recruiting for 3Ls
  • Network, network, network, and conduct informational interviews
  • Conduct the necessary research and finalize your decision about which bar to take. Once registered, you can add that information to your resume to emphasize your commitment to a geographic region (ex. Registered for the July 2010 North Carolina Bar Exam)

For a complete 3L Job Search Timeline, please visit the Law School Intranet and view the 3L timeline in the Career Planning Guide