Positioning Yourself to Get the Job

The January 4, 2010 issue of the Winston-Salem Journal featured an article highlighting the importance of feedback in the job search process.  The following useful ”job-hunting strategies” were also provided:
• Ask friends or acquaintances who manage and hire people to offer constructive criticism of your cover letter and resume.
• Ask those same friends to do a practice interview with you, providing “tough love” feedback.
• Apply immediately — with a tailored cover letter and resume – to attractive jobs; search for friends and colleagues who could act as referrals within the organization.
• Be selective about sending resumes rather than scatter-shooting.
• Be specific about the type of work and organizations that you find most interesting.
• Plan to network 80 percent of the time and use the Internet 20 percent.
• Be willing to explore opportunities outside your profession that match up with your job skills.
• Examine your real financial needs so as to be more open to opportunities that may pay less than what you want.
• Be willing to take a lower-paying job if it can serve as a steppingstone to another job inside or outside the company.
• Stay with your current job, rather than job searching full time, since many employers are more attracted to applicants who are employed.

Read the full article here.

NCBA Minorities in the Profession – 1L Summer Associate Program

The North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) Minorities in the Profession (MIP) is launching its annual 1L Summer Associate Program to all NC law schools. The MIP 1L Summer Associate Program is designed to provide corporate legal departments and law firms in North Carolina with an inside track on recruiting some of our state’s brightest and most talented minority law students.  There will be a 15-minute information session for interested students on Tuesday, January 12th at 12 noon in Room 1302. Students who participated in the program last year will be sharing their thoughts on the process. You will receive more information about the application and interviewing process at the program as well.

To attend the info session, PLEASE RSVP TO KALA TAYLOR.  Applications will be due to the Office of Career Services on Wednesday, January 20th by 12noon.  Wake Law student interviews will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, January 21st and Friday, January 22nd in the Interview Suites located on the second floor of the Law School across the hall from Career Services.

Calling All Alumni! Volunteers needed for the Mock Interview Program

Dear Alumni,
The Office of Career Services needs your help! We have over 100 first year law students interested in participating in our Mock Interview Program this semester. In a tough job market, having the opportunity to practice interview skills is more important than ever. We hope you will consider volunteering to assist with this important student program. Continue reading »

3L Career Services Newsletter: December 21, 2009

In this week’s issue:

  • Job Highlights:
    o 2010-2011 Capital Fellows, California Senate Fellows Program, Sacramento State Center for California Studies – Deadline is February 24th. See the Government Honors Handbook for more details.
    o US Department of Justice Tax Division is currently hiring civil trial attorneys and criminal prosecutors – Deadline for applying is January 11th.
  • Bar Info:
    o Please make sure you check your state’s bar admissions policies and review the application process over the break. This process is time-consuming and varied. Now is the time to focus on getting your bar applications in.
    o Having trouble deciding which state bar to take? Visit www.ncbex.org and find the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions Requirements. Find out which bars have reciprocity with other bars, waive-in requirements, and other helpful information that may assist you in deciding which state bar to take.
  • What should you being doing over winter break? Continue reading »

ABA Law Student Division accepting applications for 2010-2011 leadership positions

Looking for opportunities to get involved in the ABA Law Student Division?  Below is a letter from the current chair of the Division describing the leadership opportunities available and promoting the benefits of involvement.   Visit www.abanet.org/lsd/elections/ for the eligibility requirements, nomination/application forms, and delivery instructions. Continue reading »

How to Enhance Your Chances for a Successful Job Search Even in a Difficult Economy

In the December 15 issue of The Legal Intelligencer, Alyssa Dragnich suggests concrete actions law graduates can take to enhance their chances for a successful job search even in a difficult economy.  Although her article is directed towards recent law graduates, her advice is applicable to any law student or graduate seeking employment.  Read her article.

3L Career Services Newsletter: December 11, 2009

In this week’s issue:
• It’s time to apply for the state bar exams!!!!! Beware of upcoming deadlines!
• Law Student Writing Competition of the Court of Federal Claims Bar Association – Deadline December 31, 2009

  • Please remember to periodically check Symplicity for Job Postings!!
  • If you are feeling frustrated with your job search, please schedule an appointment with career services advisor!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading »

2L Career Services Newsletter: December 11, 2009

In this week’s issue:

• Law Student Writing Competition of the Court of Federal Claims Bar Association – Deadline December 31, 2009
• 2010 State Government Internship Program – Deadline January 20, 2010
• Timap International Internship Opportunity
REMINDER: Do not forget to check Symplicity regularly throughout your winter break and if you are feeling frustrated with your job search, please set up an appointment with your career advisor!!!!!!! Dian Smith is the career advisor for 2Ls whose last name ends with (A – K) and Kala Taylor is the career advisor for 3Ls; however, feel free to make an appointment with anyone in the office to discuss your job search. Continue reading »

1L Career Services Newsletter: December 1, 2009

In this week’s issue:

1. Q&A – What should I be doing with my job search right now?
2. Symplicity – Jobs Section (*several upcoming deadlines)
3. Symplicity – OCI or Resume Collect section
4. Writing Competition – The Court of Federal Claims Bar Association – Deadline December 31, 2009
5. North Carolina State Government Internship Program – Deadline January 20, 2010
6. International Internship Opportunity – Deadline January 31, 2010 Continue reading »

The Ultimate Guide to LLM Programs

Have you ever considered pursuing an LLM degree?  Are you wondering if it’s worth it and how valuable the degree is to prospective employers?  In their “Ultimate Guide to LLM Programs” the National Jurist addresses these questions and others and provides a comprehensive list of LLM programs at law schools across the country (by practice area).