"Professor Wants Law Students to Think Before They Tweet"

Karen Sloan recently interviewed Drake University Law School professor Melissa Weresh for The National Law Journal (October 21, 2009) to discuss her efforts to encourage law students and young attorneys to be more deliberate in their electronic communications and to think about the ethical problems that can arise from new technology.   Read the article to hear Professor Weresh’s thoughts on the topic.

Has the recession forever changed large law firms & what does that mean for law students?

The “State of the Legal Markets” program series offered in September featured speakers discussing the changing legal job market, in large firms, small firms and in-house at corporations.  An article recently published in The American Lawyer offers an interesting discussion of this very topic as it raises the question, “Has the recession forever changed large law firms?  And if so, where does that leave law students?” Check out the article by Tamara Loomis online.

Using Informational Interviews to Help Your Job Search

Many of the Career Services programs this semester have emphasized the value of informational interviews in a job search.  They can be a valuable source of information about a practice area/career path or the job market in a given geographic area.  An article posted on today offers practical advice for those who wish to conduct informational interviews.  Read the article to find out why they are important, what you should ask, how to arrange them and how to prepare.

Law Students Face New Responsibilities in Career Building

In the September 23rd issue of the National Law Journal, author Ari L. Kaplan notes that a transformation at law schools and firms is altering the nature of careers in the profession.  He makes the case that self-reflection is essential in an era where employers are looking for an individual who already holds the foundation for many of the qualities that they are expecting a few years in the future.  Read his full article.

How to Succeed at Business Development: A First-Year View

First year law firm associate, Erik Frank, offers great advice on the importance of networking and business development in an article published in The Legal Intelligencer on September 16, 2009.  He makes a great case for developing these skills early on in your legal career!  Read the article for tips on how to get started.

ABA Magazine Article: Where the Work Is

The August issue of the ABA Magazine features an article highlighting practice areas recommended in recessionary times.  Read the article to see which areas are thriving these days.

4 Tips for Reluctant Networkers

Many people avoid networking because they aren’t comfortable with it.  Read Debra Bruce’s article offering four tips to make networking more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Thinking of going solo?

The theme of the July issue of Law Practice Today is “Suddenly Solo.” It offers information for those who choose to open a practice and those who may be suddenly thrust into that arena.  The first article featured, “Fast Tips for Marketing When Suddenly Solo”, offers useful tips for recent grads, soon-to-be grads, and more experienced alums who find themselves considering starting a solo practice or a new practice with one or more colleagues.

Tips for New Law Firm Associates

Attorney Jason Braun offers advice to help young law firm associates become great lawyers.  Some of the lessons were learned quickly, while others came through trial and error.  Read his article, entitled “Commentary: Tough Love for New Associates,” to gain the benefit of his experience.

Tips to Help Law Students Stay Positive This Summer — and Beyond

A law student’s job search can be stressful in any market, but the recession is making it even harder this year. Elizabeth Tillinghast encourages job seekers not to take career roadblocks personally in this economy, and offers suggestions for fostering a positive, resilient attitude to help you make the most of your opportunities this summer – and beyond.
Read her article