Photo of a group of students working

Professional Development Course

Our ground-breaking Professional Development Course is one that only a handful of top law schools offer. This course builds on the already impressive roster of classes and programs at Wake Forest Law that promote specific skill development such as our clinics, trial practice and externships, among others. It also more broadly acclimates students to the culture of the professional world, and encourages them to be intentional about their career planning. By focusing on their individual strengths, interests and values, our students are able to find their ideal career fit.

Providing a Professional Foundation for the Practice of Law

The goals of this one-credit graded course includes educating students about the culture of law practice, helping them understand the diversity of law practices, helping them define their own career goals, and strengthening mentoring and advising relationships with faculty. Specific course topics include values, ethics and judgment, defining your “brand,” understanding law as a business, cover letter development and interviewing skills.

Led by two full-time faculty members and a career and professional staff member, instruction consists of 16 weeks of classes, spread out over the fall and spring semesters. In addition to weekly lectures, each 1L is assigned to a small section, which meets for a small group discussion that allows the students to delve more deeply into the week’s topic.

This course teaches students those skills that are necessary to succeed as professionals and includes the intangibles rarely included in a program of instruction. While American law schools quite effectively teach students how to think, they haven’t always done a great job in teaching skills that graduates need to succeed as professionals.  Our new course does this and more.