Career Planning Guide

Image of man waiting at airport with bag with writing across: Your legal career - planning the trip of a lifetime

Our new, online Career Planning Guide provides Wake Forest Law students what they need to plan the journey of a lifetime – their legal career.  OCPD has worked to create a user-friendly, keyword-searchable resource that allows students to search for specific topics of interest, watch video tutorials, or simply to read and review to learn more about the career planning process, timelines, and key resources.

We expect students to return to this Guide on a regular basis, whether it is for general guidance or to get an answer to a particular question.  Students are urged to take the time to review the wide range of topics such as: ‘Building Your Network’, ‘Interview Programs’, and ‘The Legal Job Search’.  There are also handy “toolkits” that summarize the key information students need as a 1L, 2L, 3L, or 2YJD candidate.  Finally, we have created a convenient ‘QuickLinks’ section which gives easy access to frequently used resources such as login information, OCI deadlines, salary information, and more.

Image of two boarding passesAccess the Guide

  • Navigate to the URL:
  • On Campus: No login required
  • Off campus: Use your Wake Forest login credentials WFU username (your WFU email address without the “”) & password to sign in.


Our intent is for this guide to be user-friendly, accessible, and full of helpful information. Please feel free to contact the Assistant Dean for Career & Professional Development with any feedback.