Class of 2020 Graduate Employment Profile

Information on employment outcomes for the Class of 2020 may not reflect a particular law school’s typical results in this area. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, bar admission exams were canceled or delayed in many jurisdictions, thus making it more challenging for graduates to secure employment by the annual Graduate Employment Status Date of March 15. Please reference the 3 years of employment outcome data posted on the ABA Required Disclosures webpage of each ABA-Approved Law School or at

Class of 2020 NALP Employment Summary Report

Class of 2020 ABA Employment Summary Report (category definitions can be found here)

Class of 2020 Employment Report at 10 Months after Graduation

Employment StatusFull Time Long TermFull Time Short TermPart Time Long TermPart Time Short TermNumber
Employed – Bar Passage Required123001124
Employed – JD Advantage1701018
Employed – Professional Position10001
Employed – Non-Professional Position01001
Employed – Law School/University Funded01001
Employed – Undeterminable00000
Enrolled in Graduate Studies    3
Employed – Start Date Deferred    2
Unemployed – Not Seeking    2
Unemployed – Seeking    0
Employment Status Unknown    0
Total Graduates
Each graduate is counted only once in this section.

Employment TypeNumber
Law Firms 
2 – 1024
11 – 2511
26 – 509
51 – 1006
101 – 25013
251 – 50012
501 +20
Unknown Size0
Business & industry21
Public Interest3
Clerkships – Federal6
Clerkships – State, Local, and Territorial8
Clerkships – Tribal0
Clerkships – International 0
Employer Type Unknown0
Law School/University Funded PositionsNumber
Employed – Bar Passage Required0
Employed – J.D. Advantage1
Employed – Professional Position0
Employed – Non-Professional Position0
Total Employed by Law School/University1
Employment LocationStateNumber
State – Largest EmploymentNorth Carolina77
State – 2nd Largest EmploymentDistrict of Columbia12
State – 3rd Largest EmploymentFlorida12
Employed in Foreign Countries 3